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Hello Sassy! The Sass Boutique has been a dream I envisioned back in high school. However, I didn't start turning this idea into a business until a few years after graduating college.


I completed my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Marketing from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in January 2016.


Through my experiences in working retail both on the floor and online customer service at a retail corporate office I felt I had knowledge to start my own boutique! With much research and exploring I came to the decision to launch online, and the bonus to being an online only store is being able to cut overhead costs and ultimately benefiting my customers by offering a lower price tag! Great quality is not defined by extreme prices. Our quality products are affordable yet unique!


I love being able to bring a new way of thinking your wardrobe to you from anywhere. Thank you for following along my journey! This is just the beginning of my vision.

The Sass Boutique launched online in July 2018. Before the launch much work was put in to the building of the culture. This small business was started to help women express their creativity and personality in their outfits. If this means sassy or sweet clothing pieces there are collections for both! We offer sweet and sassy pieces to add to your lifestyle!
The Sass Boutique prides itself on providing clothing and products of quality.
We are continually growing our selection to meet your ever-changing wardrobe wants! Any input from our customers is always welcome! Please email us at or follow our "Customer Care" tab at the top right of this page. 

Thank you for supporting my small business!

xo, Emily, Founder

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